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Money. Work stress. In laws. Health issues. Wet towels.  Chores. Intimacy (or lack of). Terrible twos, and threes and fourteens or anyteens. Mid life crisis. Estranged siblings full of resentment because someone isn't showing up to care for mom. Uncomfortable silence in the wake of a fight. And oh no, Thanksgiving...with them.

There countless reasons why our homes are not peaceful. And in the heat of it all, we fight, we use silence as a weapon, we flee, we tear our kids apart. But we're family, right? Wehave the preordained right to be stuck with each other. So the endless cycle begins. Home becomes hostile. We fake it, we wait for the next falling out, we collect resentment like a bird collects twigs for a nest. Quietly, we rest our heads on the twigs at night. We perch on them at the dinner table.  And wow, when one of those twigs snap! It's ugly.
Make Peace at Home came to me as a vision. Really, it was my personal plea to the universe.  My family has been shaken with life in the past five years. Two new babies, health issues, financial strain, business failure, painful loss. Frankly, some really traumatizing stuff. And I, the conflict resolution expert, was screaming and fighting like everyone else. We fell apart. So more accurately stated, my plea sounded more like a demand - "I want peace at home". And the demand was not granted .
But then, quite miraculously, Mahatma Gandhi whispered in my ear - not literally, but from the pages of a quote website :-)
"Be the change you want to see in the world."
and it hit me, the only way I could have want I desperately wanted was to Make it happen. The same, I'll bet, is true for you, my friend.
So here we are.
Make Peace at Home is an offering to help families understand why they fight, how to fight less or at least better and if we're lucky to turn our conflicts into opportunities to LOVE HARDER. We'll be exploring relevant topics with experts. We'll ask questions. We'll look hard at ourselves and at those we love. We'll learn. We'll find our vision and find our voices. And hopefully, if my instinct is right, we'll be better for it.
Join us each week on Tuesday at 5pm est as we explore skills, ideas and tactics needed to resolve the conflicts inherent in relationships and family life. Special guests will include experts and authors who will broaden our understanding of the issues that underly the discord in our homes, who will make us laugh, cry and take control of the conflicts that impact our lives. 
Come explore with me and let's...
Make Peace.
About Wokie:
Wokie Nwabueze is Peacemaker.  A certified mediator and conflict coach, her career in and love of the conflict resolution field started in 1993 when she worked for a groundbreaking NYC non profit as a mediator and conflict management trainer developing violence prevention program in NYC public schools. Her work continued as a consultant and trainer working with non profits, parent groups and troubled youth.
In 1998, Wokie obtained her law degree and continued her work in the field mediating various legal disputes, including custody and civil matters. In addition she has spent over ten years addressing workplace and institutional conflict.
Wokie's first passion is her family.  As the mother of two very young children, she has experienced first hand the stress of transitioning from couple to parents - and the potential conflict that we all face as we nurture and grow intimate relationships.
Through her work and life experience she has learned that at the core of every conflict is an unmet need. She also grew to understand that the ability to address conflict well takes skill that most of us are not taught and many of us do not have.  Yet the way we handle conflict shapes the way we and our children see the world.
"Resolving conflict is, at its core, the successful negotiation of needs. As simple as it sounds, it's not easy to do. But it is the most important work we can do for our families and relationships.  That is why Make Peace at Home is so important to me. The better we get at this work, the better off we will all be." Wokie Nwabueze


Be Bold!!

This week we are talking about confidence, courage and being bold with teacher and business woman, Ache' Lyte.  Ache' is the mastermind behind Carry Me Boldly and believes that "within each individual resides the wisdom, power and authority to design the vision they want for themselves, and the truth is to be sought within each of us."  I could not agree more and can't wait to talk with this woman!!  Join us.


Aché Lytle is a fiercely passionate teacher and leader whose purpose in life is to help others reveal the brilliant light and power that lives within all.  Through travelling the world, Aché has found opportunities to share her passion with others by developing training programs in developing communities and inspiring her young students to cultivate lives they never dreamed possible.

A successful businesswoman in her own right, Aché has created a number of vibrant, prosperous businesses in the U.S. and abroad. Aché has taken her calling and passion from earning her B.A. in Political Economics at UC Berkeley to South America and back to the San Francisco Bay Area, where she offered coaching to new teachers as well as students wishing to start their own businesses.  Everything she does is meant to inspire everyone around her to blossom and transcend self-imposed boundaries, creating lives without limitations.


Embracing her passion for teaching and education, Aché produces projects that illustrate the power all individuals have for transcending limitations and boldly sharing the gifts they all have.  A powerful moment for Aché is when her clients and students realize that the challenges they face are self-imposed, and are no longer relevant.  Then, they can begin to express themselves truthfully and transform their lives.


Now, Aché focuses her boundless energy supporting individuals in living by one single bold principle:  That within each individual resides the wisdom, power and authority to design the vision they want for themselves, and the truth is to be sought within each of us.


Through this guiding principle, Aché created her next adventure, Carry Me Boldly. With Carry Me Boldly, Aché develops transformative journeys titled “My Soulful Journey” around the globe for groups to retreat and design the change they wish to see in themselves. She also produces an online weekly web series called “Boldacious” containing rich servings of spiritual wisdom, and “Carry Me Boldly Productions”, a branch that produces plays, concerts and films.


Carry Me Boldly allows Aché to support individuals in living boldly using their own natural wisdom and passion, all from a place of joy and laughter.



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Goddess Power!

Next week,  we are talking about G.O.D.D.E.S.S. Power- why you want it, how to get it and what to do with it - with Tabitha Jayne of  Listen in, this is essentiall learning for women...and men!


As the G.o.d.d.e.s.s. of Peace, Passion and Purpose, Tabi(tha) Jayne helps bright young women around the world create and live the lives of their dreams. She’s on a mission to help them experience authentic happiness and true fulfilment while they make this world a better place. Tabi(tha)’s also the author of Thriving Loss: Move beyond grief to a place of peace, passion and purpose and G.o.d.d.e.s.s. Power: Become your own super heroine as well as the creator of the Tree of Transformation®, a 7 step process that harnesses the power of nature to create deep and lasting positive change.   

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Creating Space for Peace

Today we are talking about creating space for peace - literally and figuratively.  I happy to be joined by Jo Ebisujima, creator and mastermind behind My Organized Chaos about the roots and remedy for disorganization for you and for your family.  Join us!!





Jo Ebisujima is a Brit living in Japan. She loves creating for children and helping parents to organize themselves and their children so that they can spend more quality time together. She writes about her work at My Organized Chaos. She can also be found at her personal blog jojoebi designs where she shares about her everyday life, Montessori, crafting and raising a bilingual child in Japan.


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Appreciate a Man as a Gift to Yourself

When I first met Women's Empowerment Coach, Jennifer Weddle and heard about her project - Appreciate the Heck Out of Him - I knew I had to invite her on air to share.  So this week we're talking about Man Appreciation.  And I know that you're either all in or wondering why.

Join us to discuss the benefits of showing the men in your life that they are valued and appreciated.  We're talking about why it's important, why it's challenging, how to do it and what it can change for him, and as importantly, for you.

This will be good.



Jennifer Weddle is a Women’s Empowerment coach who helps women to be confident and joyful in all their encounters with men.

Jennifer’s expertise comes from moving through her own challenges with feeling confident and worthy in romantic relationships, 13 years of voracious study of personal transformation, the mind and the relationship between the Masculine and Feminine, many years of working with primarily male co-workers, volunteering with at-risk teenage girls, years of avid man appreciation.

During her studies, Jennifer was certified in hypnosis (2008), attended Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts Mastery Program in (2009) and became a Life Coach School certified coach (2012).

All of these experiences have left Jennifer extremely passionate about instilling empowering beliefs in the women she works with so that they know the joy of loving their beautiful selves, being fully self-expressed and that their men know the joy of loving such a woman.

Today Jennifer offers private one-on-one coaching and tele-seminars. To contact Jennifer, please visit her website at


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The Power Self Expression

As 2012 winds down and I excitedly develop the direction of this show and my work in the coming year - I am excited to be joined by award-winning journalist, author and educator Estelle Sobel Erasmus to talk about the power of Self Expression and personal storytelling in the lives of women, mothers and girls.  Join us!

Estelle Sobel Erasmus is a award-winning journalist, author, and former magazine editor-chief (Woman's Own, Hachette Filipacchi's Body by Jake, Esthetique), and adjunct professor at NYU, who sits on the board of directors of the national non-profit organization Mothers & More. She writes a Teachable Moments column and Women's Issues column for She went from Dating Diva to Married Lady to Older Mom in a blink of an eye and writes about her transformative journey through motherhood (and marriage) at her award-winning blog Musings on Motherhood and Mid-Life (http:// which was named one of Circle of Mom's Top 25 Blogs by a Mom for 2012. Estelle was also in the 2012 New York Production of Listen to Your Mother, where she read an original essay on Motherhood. She was one of the 2012 BlogHer Voices of the Year, and had her writing anthologized in the 2012 BlogHer Voices of the Year book. A paper Estelle presented at the 2012 Mothers Initiative for Research and Community Action conference will be anthologized in a publication from Demeter Press entitled, What Do Mothers Need? Estelle can be found on twitter at http://twitter. com/mommymusings011 and Pinterest at She is currently writing a play depicting her exploits as a single woman prior to marriage and motherhood.

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