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Cathy Krafve - The Well

Congratulations to our host Cathy Krafve, after over three years of hard work her book is ready for you to enjoy. Check out her podcast Fireside Talk Radio and pick up her book , The Well, on Amazon.

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In Loving Memory of Christopher Edward Jones

With saddened hearts, we announce that Christopher Edward Jones, a husband and father, left this earth on September 22, 2020 in the natural and went to meet his Heavenly Father and be present with the Lord. He suddenly became ill and later tested positive for COVID-19. He contracted the virus while doing the work of the Lord, so he literally gave his life in service to his Lord and savior. He was rushed to the emergency room on September 11, 2020, after experiencing difficulty breathing.

Christopher, was a righteous man who impacted this world with a mighty force filled with God-given talents that he used to give praise to the Lord at the best of his ability. He served God, Jesus and his country with all his heart. He retired from twenty years of active duty military service in 2000. ... Click the link below to read more.
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How To Hire a Great Realtor!

Posted from: The Lisa Lewis Show

We are proud to announce our Rockstar Guest for today! He is a recognized professional Realtor who has achievements in sales, education, industry participation and civic leadership. This Realtor is deeply involved in communities throughout the San Antonio and surrounding areas, and is committed to providing exceptional service to his teams (The Reygadas Group at Keller Williams Legacy Realty) clients. Please help me welcome the AHMAZING Realtor, Christian, and Proud Father...Aj Reygadas!


Upcoming Event with Aj Reygadas :

’How To Dominate Your Neighborhood’

November 13, 2018 from 10:00 am - 11:30am

(ONLY for Realtors)

RSVP to Cecilia Sosa at : csosa@nat.com

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