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Join us every Monday at 2pm ET. When you tune into The Million Dollar Mindset with Marla Tabaka, you will hear powerful and inspiring stories, learn proven tips and tricks to building a successful business, and unlock the secrets to creating a happier, more balanced life through abundant thinking and attraction power.

Marla's guests are success-minded individuals who have attained the things that are most important to them in life and business. Marla and her guests credit their success to positive thought and taking inspired action. They are ready to share their insights, secrets, and dreams with you!

Marla invites you to call into the show if you are "stuck" in some area of your life and business. Benefit years of experience and know how so that you can break through your barriers and achieve what's important to you!

About Marla:

Marla is a business coach and advisor for entrepreneurs around the world. She guides her clients toward outstanding success in business AND helps them to rediscover themselves in the process; many have reached a million dollars in annual revenues - and beyond!

Visualization, E-Myth Mastery Coaching, EFT Tapping, NLP (neuro linguistic programming), and Law of Attraction techniques are among Marla’s favorite tools. These are the foundation for her innovative coaching techniques designed to help her clients explore, discover, and live their best life. 

Marla Tabaka Coaching offers one-to-one coaching for entrepreneurs who have a great business model in place and who know that the sky is the limit! For solopreneurs with a smaller business, or start ups, Marla also offers affordable group coaching. Learn more about coaching with Marla.

11/24/14-Unique Ways to Show Gratitude to the Important People in Your Life

Thanksgiving Thanks

Most of the ingredients for the perfect Thanksgiving are easily gathered, but many people struggle with (or forget) the "thanks" part. Silly, since that's what Thanksgiving is really about. Yet expressing gratitude does not come easily for everyone.

In her years of coaching entrepreneurs Marla Tabaka finds that entrepreneurs easily neglect to offer adequate thanks to their employees. Sure, they are paid for doing their job, but that doesn't eliminate their need for recognition, thanks, and praise. And what about family and friends? How verbal are you about showing gratitude to them?

Turn over a new leaf this year by devoting time to think about the special gifts and qualities brought into your life by each of your family members, friends, and employees. Then take the next big step: Show your gratitude in a meaningful way. Your thoughtfulness will go a long way!

Marla's recipe for the perfect Thanksgiving Day.


1 large golden-brown turkey and all the trimmings
1 bunch of good friends and happy family
1 fireplace containing a crackling fire
1 good dose of football
1 (or more) tables set for a celebration
1 house filled with laughter


Mix all above ingredients into many hearts filled with gratitude. Savor and enjoy the day!

For more powerful insights and resources read Marla's articles at

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11-17-14, How Solid Are Your Culture & Brand? Brian Brandt

Brian Brandt

Culture builds branding, branding builds your business - What does yours look like?

Are you aware of the culture you've created in your company?  Do you really know what your company's brand is?  Increasingly, these are two of the most significant drivers of growing companies, and too many leaders are asleep at the wheel.   Speaker, trainer and CEO Brian Brandt joins your host, business coach Marla Tabaka to talk about both the good and bad of what's going on in organizations today.  

In this interview, you'll discover:

  • What is fueling some of the fastest growing companies and what you can learn from them.
  • What branding and culture-building roadblocks should you avoid.
  • What kind of leader you need to be to create a powerful culture.
  • How you can assess and shape not only your company brand, but your personal brand as well.

For more powerful insights and resources read Marla's articles at


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11-10-14, Arianna Huffington's Prescription for Success

Arianna Huffington on Happiness

On April 6, 2007 Huffington Post founder, Arianna Huffington found herself collapsed in a pool of her own blood. Her life changed from that day forward as her journey to a new awareness began to slowly unwind.

I had the honor of hearing Arianna speak at a Brendon Burchard event a few weeks ago. On this episode of Million Dollar Mindset Radio I will share her prescription to sucess and happiness. If you are running yourself ragged, thinking that you are accomplishing something, this is a must-listen podcast. You will be healthier, happier, and more productive if you apply these practices to you life.

See the highlights on Marla Tabaka's page at


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11-3-14 - 3 Power Techniques for Getting Unstuck


Uncertain about life

Life dishes out all sorts of ups and downs; it’s that way for everyone. Sometimes we live at a steady, comfortable pace and that’s okay for a while too. The time for concern is when the downs are more frequent than the ups, or you feel like life is just OK but not bringing much joy. We are here to experience the joys of life and they come from doing what we love and being true to who we are. We’re not meant to be consistently unhappy or feeling “stuck” in a ho-hum life.

Is there something that you want out of life that eludes you? Things like finding better job, starting your own business, finding true love, achieving weightloss, and experiencing inner-peace are some examples of the things many hope to achieve and never do. 

Are you stuck, uncertain about how to change and often thinking: “Someday I’ll have what I want?” Someday never seems to come, does it?

During this episode of Million Dollar Mindset  Radio  your host, business coach Marla Tabaka, will share 3 of the tools she uses in her coaching practice to help clients find the motivation and determination to achieve their dreams.  Many of her clients have gone from depressed to joyful; from broke to wealth by using Marla’s process and you can too!

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10-27-14, How to Achieve Your Dream w/Amanda Miller Littlejohn

What's holding you back from your big dream? 

Everybody's got a dream.

Maybe it's starting a business, performing on stage, or writing a book. 

If you've always had a big goal but haven't able to make a go of it-- and you're not sure why--our next guest is here to help shed some light on what may be holding you back.

Amanda Miller Littlejohn is an award-winning life, business and branding coach who helps people take that big leap in their careers and businesses. After coaching hundreds of individuals to start jobs, write books, and launch creative pursuits, she's observed a the most common forms of resistance - the obstacles that keep us from reaching for our dreams. 

Get a new perspective on why you are stuck, and what to do about it. Take a big step today when you join international business coach, Marla Tabaka and Amanda Miller Littlejohn for this powerful conversation.

For more powerful insights and tools read Marla's articles at

Amanda Miller Littlejohn

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