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Each week on FrankieSense & More, you will meet a host of positive, dynamic and  fascinating guests  who Frankie has gathered together to inspire you, challenge you and well, just make you glad you tuned in:)

Authors, musicians, celebs and more, Frankie welcomes guests from around the World who like the host herself, aim at making the planet a better place to live.

Frankie warmly  welcomes you into her world, where the socially conscious congregate, fresh thoughts are encouraged and shared, and a glimpse at the world through her positive lens can be a refreshing change from the alternative. You never know who will stop by, but you know they will be entertaining.

Frankie is the Author of two books- Midlife Mojo & No Bull Allowed, both self help genre available on She is also a Professional Artist, and her work can be seen on Fine Art America.

Since she walks her talk on the issue of social impact, each painting Frankie sells, pays in full, for the cost of one child to have reonstructive ‘cleft palate surgery' on board The African Mercy, part of the Mercy Ships Canada fleet. It may also pay for a woman who is suffering with VVF also known as Vesicovaginal Fistula, to have reconstructive surgery. VVF is  a horrible side effect from childbirth gone wrong.

Professionally, Frankie is a Certified Life, Business and Master Coach Trainer, Hypnotherapist who just happens to specialize in the Impossible!
Frankie has worked for both Public and Private Sector organizations and is trained in Mediation, Crisis Intervention, Emergency Management, Pain Management, Disaster Exercises and she is a former Community Emergency Response Volunteer and a Champion for Change.

With over 20 years experience as an Entrepreneur, and she was notably the first female Kickboxing Promoter in the World and managed the 12x World Welterweight Champion.

If you wish to be a guest on the show,  are a non profit or an entertainer please send your 'pitch' and/or information to

When Elder Abuse turned to Animal Abuse


When Elder kathycharlieae35276bfc17d448bedcc76b2006740bAbuse turned to Animal Abuse

From Dog Lovers to AT the Movie this show is going to be wild.

Kathy Tarachione is a beautiful soul, the owner of Pet Productions inc and is a huge animal lover, who has a special place in her heart for dogs. Kathy has been a life long contributor to shelters because it causes her great pain to know that a wondeful pet is being killed so she tries to help save as many pets as she can. Until now. You see she is the victim of elder abuse. A couple who worked for her, asked her for a LOAN to help pay their mortgage and feed their child. This couple even called Kathy “Mom’.
Well being a widow, disable and 70, Kathy was lonely and ripe for the picking as they say. However, she began to have nightmares when the animals she is used to saving weren’t recieving her help because this Loan was never repaid. Eventually, she had to take this couplee dayle to court and she Did WIN the judgement. However, the courts expected her to go and pick up the money. RIGHT!! Well this couple began posting that they didn’t know who she was, that this woman was bat shit crazy and they egged her home, took the air out of her tires. etc. It seemed the whole town was against her. However, when they sent the sheriff out, he immediately saw that she was a target of abuse.  Kathy has COPD and congestive heart failure, which means its very difficult for her to breathe and must use an oxygen tank at all times. Honestly, how do the courts and judicial system think this woman is going to get her money back? Why don’t they HELP HER!!!
Lee Day is a Celebrity Pet Hairstylist, Entertainer, comedian,and creator of Bark Mitzvah and Pet Weddings. Lee has been helping to raise awareness of Kathy’s situation and is a great supporter of all pets.

Lee is well knoBrent_Marchantsm2awn for saving Rabbi Otis, her singing dog and partner who helped her perform bark mitzvah’s and weddings for celebrity pets and their owners.

Brent Marchant is The Good Radio Networks new Movie Correspondent and will be making a monthly appearance telling us about Movies with Meaning. 

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The Daniel Fast and the Good Girl

Susan Gregory, author of  The Daniel Fast for Weightloss. Susan is a prolific author, Christian writer and a true humanitarian. In 2007, Susan heard the voice of God calling to her. He told her to write about The Daniel Diet, which is a soft fast, based upon the diet that Daniel of the Old Testament ate while a prisoner in ancient  Babylon.  danielfastbook

The fast consists of eating only foods grown from seed..beans, wheat, fruits, vegetables, oils, etc.. its similiar to vegan except no sugar, sweets of any kind, tea or coffee is allowed to be eaten. The only beverage allowed for 21 days is water.

Never did she think she would become the world expert on The Daniel Fast, in fact as ("The Daniel Fast Blogger"), Susan  regularly corresponds with thousands of men and women who are seeking God through the spiritual discipline of prayer and fasting. Since its launch in December 2007, her website has received nearly 14 million visits, and Susan has corresponded with tens of thousands of people throughout the world. She has a passion to help followers of Jesus Christ from all cultures integrate their faith into every part of their lives. Her work has taken her to more than thirty-five countries. She is also the author of Out of the Rat Race and The Daniel Cure (with Richard J. Bloomer, PhD). A mother and grandmother, Susan lives in a small college town in central Washington.


Bella is a self professed “happiness cultivator, philanthropist, and inspirational lifestyle blogger. She believes in love, kindness, and empathy. Having those three as her foundation she attempt to influence her friends, family, and followers to live mindfully and kindly.
Bella is a card card carrying member of GGC.. Good Girl Club and Good Girls Fitness,
Says Bella “ “According to my shortest bio I’m a believer, wife, insta-mom, blogger, dreamer, happiness cultivator, wanderer, social media maven, Louisville lady, and a lover of all things.

She's a thirty-something lady that resides in the great city of Louisville, KY. and  owns a social media & PR company called Bella Vita Media. She volunteers with Blessings in a Backpack, The Junior League of Louisville, and The Younger Women’s Club. She's  also a Kentucky Derby Marathon Ambassador (cross the finish line with me), an ambassador of the inspiring Good Radio Network, and a glitter thrower in the Good Girls Movement.She gets to live out her dream of writing with her lovelyblog, marry an amazingly supportive husband, loving family, and more wonderful friends than I deserve.
Lover Of: Laughter, drive, positivity, happy thoughts, candy, traveling, volunteering, workin’ on my fitness with Good Girls Fitness, writing,and reality tv … It’s my guilty pleasure. Last, but certainly not least, I am the biggest lover of LOVE. Love your friends, love your family, but first, love your selfie! #LoveYourSelfie




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Please sign the Petition for the Children in Madaya

There is a petition to end the siege in Madaya aimed at getting the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to intervene and get the aid that is waiting to feed 40,000 starving families the food they need.

Children are literally eating leaves, insects and cats and its inhumane how these Syrian's are suffering.In fact two days ago, WHO said that these children are dying from Malnutrition.

We CAN do something about this. Azaaz is looking for 1 MiLLION Signatures and they are VEry close. In fact the count at the moment of writing this is 943, 176.

Please add YOUR NAME by clicking here. God Bless  you and may he  Bless those families in Madaya and end this siege.

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Spirit and the BLUES

We had a wonderful show featuring

Psychic medium William Stillman my friend and internationally known, award-winning author of the Autism and the God Connection book trilogy that explores aspects of spiritual giftedness in many people with autism. These books encompass Autism and the God Connection, The Soul of Autism, and The Autism Prophecies. His book Conversations with Dogs: A Psychic Reveals What Our Canine Companions Have to Say (And How You Can Talk to Them Too!) was published in 2015. His latest book, Under Spiritual Siege, about spiritual warfare with negative energies, publishes in May 2016.  

Bill gave amazing readings to Connie of Architect of Change, Sandra Beck- radio host of Military Moms, Powered up Radio, Heather Crosse- blues artist and Olivia Oriente- Police Candidate.

Bill's website is and you can connect with him there.

Also joining me was singer/songwriter, bassist Heather Crosse, whose latest cd is titled Groovin at the Crosse Roads and features her mix of soul, blues with a twist.

Heather calls Clarksdale , Mississippi home now and is a frequent act at Ground Zero, Morgan Freeman's Bar. You can purchase her CD from Amazon.

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Saving the Horses and Letting The

Rob Laidlaw is a Chartered Biologist, Executive Director of wildlife protection charity Zoocheck and an award winning author of 7 children's books about wildlife and animal welfare issues. For more than 35 years he has conducted or participated in a broad range of wildlife protection and animal welfare campaigns from Canada’s north to tropical Asia. He is a former humane society inspector, Project Manager for the World Society for the Protection of Animals and the 2014 recipient of the CFHS Frederic A McGrand Award for significant contribution to animal welfare in Canada.




Zoocheck is a small Canadian-based international wildlife protection campaign charity (#13150 2072 RR0001) established in 1984 to promote and protect the interests and well-being of wild animals. Zoocheck works with a broad range of collaborating partners around the world and endeavors to promote animal protection in specific situations, while striving to bring about a new respect for all living things and the world in which they live. Zoocheck engages in investigative initiatives, public pressure programs, legislative campaigns, litigations, capacity-building activities and animal rescue.



Dean's professional career started as the lead singer/songwriter for the Canadian rock/pop band "The Arrows" in 1981.

An independent release"Misunderstood" was followed by two albums for A&M records which produced the hit singles  "Meet me in the Middle","Talk Talk", and "Heart of the City".

When the band broke up in 1986 Dean went on to be a staff songwriter penning many hits including "Heaven Help my Heart" a top ten song for country superstar Wynonna Judd , " Darkhorse" a number one in Canada for Amanda Marshall which Elton John called a sure fire hit on Rosie O'Donnell,"Birmingham' a top twenty song worldwide for Amanda Marshall as well as hits for Anne Murray, Australian superstar Tina Arena, Terri Clark, Kelly Coffee, John Berry,

Rita Coolidge,The Guess Who, Johnny Reid,John McDermitt, The Rankin Family, Blues artists Shakura S'Aida,Danny Brooks,Suzie Vinnick, and many others..Dean was twice nominated for a Juno for Songwriter of the Year!

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