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How many times have you celebrated your 39th birthday?

When age 50 creeps up on us, we deny it, hide it, and do everything we can to ignore each birthday that comes after. But why? Let’s celebrate our voices of experience. Whether you’re passing 50, passing 60, or approaching another decade, we’ve got great discussions and guests to help you embrace every year you’ve got under your belt. If you’re passing 50 or more, pull up a chair – we’ve got something just for you.

As a native of New Hampshire, the changing seasons are often characteristic of Robin as well.  Wearing many hats means that she is busy with more projects than there are colors of the leaves!

Robin Boyd, host of Passing 50

Robin’s degree is in early childhood ed, with commercial art and communications as additional courses of study.  She’s always had a love of enriching children’s lives, either through the arts, through the media, or through organizations such as the Girl Scouts.  As a member for 41 years, she has been a leader as well as community manager, district support adviser, and now as a staff specialist in product sales and marketing. She and her husband have been business owners, has been a substitute teacher for her local elementary school, done freelance work for local businesses, marketing, public relations, audio voice-overs, and web maintenance.

Robin is married to her husband of 40 years, has two grown children and cared for her elderly mom full time for nearly 20 years before her passing.  Her affiliation with Sandra Beck of Motherhood Incorporated gave her the ability to be dedicated to her family’s needs while allowing her to expand and apply her skills in a positive, useful way.  There are never enough hours in the day to add another project or learn a new skill!

In addition to their clients at Motherhood Incorporated, Sandra and Robin co-host  Military Mom Talk Radio  on Toginet, providing a powerful platform for women to discuss their ideas, issues, and concerns with respect to the military lifestyle. Military Mom Talk Radio encourages women to share their experiences of being a military wife and mother. This show educates military families on the resources that are available in both the public and private sector and shares helpful information from women around the world.